An LA-based brand that defines itself through materials and deconstructive experiments.

LA POP-UP EVENT POSTERS & Social Media Collaterals

Logo Design

The brand's typography plays a crucial role in expressing the notion of constant movement, as the letters themselves appear to be in a state of continuous transformation. Incorporating two different versions of the logo enhances the brand's fluidity and youthful essence.

The choice of vibrant colors is an integral aspect of the brand's concept, invoking the lively atmosphere and dynamism of the urban environment. These vivid and intense colors serve as an invitation to confidently stand out from the crowd, without any hesitation in attracting attention.

Visual Identity

Product Design

Contribution and Achievements

  • Led the conceptualization and organization of a successful pop-up event in Los Angeles, boosting brand awareness in a fast-paced environment.

  • Developed and implemented SEO and digital marketing strategies to improve website visibility and search rankings.

  • Directed targeted digital marketing campaigns for two Douyin accounts, amassing over 526,000 followers and significantly expanding brand reach.